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I can tell you the same thing a hundred other DJ's will - "We offer the best entertainment around. No one is as good as us.... blah, blah, blah"

However, I'm not going to tell you that. I like to be honest and upfront with all potential clients and help them make the best decision for them. There are many DJ's out there who are better than myself and there are also DJ's out there that will offer better prices than I would, but you need to look at a number of different factors, such as:

  • PRICE. You can get a DJ for $200-$300 now-a-days, but chances are...they're going to suck. You can also get a DJ for $2000-$3000 and they'll rock, but can you afford that? Beats by Brezo fits comfortably in the middle of that. I work with couples to provide an awesome DJ, but still fit within their budget.

  • INTERACTION.  I've heard of brides having a difficult time getting ahold of their DJ or being ghosted all together by a DJ. My goal is to make you feel completely at ease knowing that I have everything handled for your big day. When you book with me, I become a hover parent up until your wedding day. Well, not exactly that bad, but I check in with you a couple times a month until about one month until your big day and then I make it a point to reach out weekly to see if there is anything you need from me, if anything has changed or if you have any questions about the reception planner I provided you.

  • EQUIPMENT. Let's be honest, you don't want your DJ showing up to your wedding with his uncle's speakers from his hair band from the 80's and a laptop (or worse, an iPad) playing off iTunes. You want a DJ that knows his equipment, has equipment that won't fail and that will provide the best sound possible for you and your guests. I am always looking for ways to improve my setup and deliver. From sound equipment to lighting, I want you to be happy you booked with Beats by Brezo.

  • ATTIRE. In the same fashion as equipment, you don't want your DJ to show up wearing jean shorts and a a "Nirvana" tee. Your DJ's attire should reflect his professionalism and let people know who he is when they see him. Regardless of the venue, I dress to impress. My motto is "Better to be over-dressed, than under-dressed".

  • DJ. I'm sure you're a little confused by that title, but let me explain. I AM Beats by Brezo. I started the business, I run it and I DJ EVERY event I book. When booking with larger companies that charge $2000+, some will contract out your wedding to a (sub-par) DJ and pay them $300. You don't want that. You want the person you booked with, interacted with, put your trust in to be the one that handles your wedding. That's Beats by Brezo.

  • MUSIC SELECTION. This is very important. You don't want a DJ that is out of touch with popular music, can't read a crowd or uses an iPad or phone. You want a DJ that can bring guests of all ages to the dance floor and keep them their until that last glorious song. Beats by Brezo does that. I discuss with you on the types of music or song selection you want to hear, then I work up a playlist catered to you and your guests that will keep you happy and dancing.

  • HAPPY GUESTS. The goal of any wedding is to have a good time. The job of a DJ is to provide that good time through music and making sure everything goes as you want it to. I'm very detailed when it comes to laying out the timeline of your wedding (read my reviews and you'll hear that over and over again). I want to make sure everything goes as planned and that you and your guests have a night you will not soon forget.

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